Saraswati S Velu


PhD in Organic Synthesis - University of Malaya 

Telephone: Direct line: (+603) 5514 5860, Ext: 45860, Fax: (+603) 5514 6364
Room number: 4-8-39 (Building 4, Level 8, no. 39)

Studying Polyphenol chemistry particularly in synthesizing different skeletons of oligostilbenoids/stilbenoids and extending to hybrid of oligostilbenoid-indole skeletons through biomimetic approach. Followed by understanding the nature of self-assembly process of these molecules in determining the type of end product skeletons being generated and thus to further this study of self-assembly on other compounds with similar framework. Self- assembly of these molecules can be studied and validated theoretically by Quantum/Molecular mechanics approach. Since polyphenols are known to have interesting biological activities, the synthesised compounds will be screened for anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Regio and stereocontrolled Synthesis of Oligostilbenoids: Theoretical Highlights at Supramolecular Level. Saraswati S.Velu, Florent Di Meo, Patrick Trouillas, Juan Carlos Sancho Garcia, and Jean Frederic Weber, Journal of Natural Products,  2013, 76, 538- 546. 

3,5-Dibenzyloxy-4’-hydroxystilbene induces early caspase-9 activation during apoptosis in human K562 chronic myelogenous leukemia cells, H. Roslie, K.M. Chan, N.F. Rajab, S.S. Velu, S. Illah, I. Bunyamin, J.F.F. Weber, N.F. Thomas, A.B.A. Majeed, G. Myatt, S.H.Inayat Hussain, The Journal of Toxicological Sciences, 2012, 37, 13-21.

Kai-Lit Phua, Saraswati S.Velu. Lynas corporation’s rare earth extraction plant in Gebeng, Malaysia: A case report on the ongoing saga of people power versus state-backed corporate power. Journal of Environmental Engineering & Ecological Science. Open access article. 2012.

Strategies and methods for the syntheses of natural oligomeric stilbenoids and analogues. S.S. Velu, N.F. Thomas and J.F. F. Weber, Current Organic Chemistry, 2012, 16, 605-662 

An examination of antiproliferative effect and antioxidant potential of stilbene analogues on HepG2 hepatoma and Chang liver cells: Implications for structure activity relationship. A. H. Hasiah, A. R. Ghazali, J. F. F. Weber, S.S. Velu, N. F. Thomas and S.H. Inayat Hussain. Human and Experimental Toxicology, 1st published on 12 April 2010, 2011, 30, 138-144. 

Organic Synthesis and Phytochemistry

Secured FRGS grant (RM 72,000) from Ministry of Higher Education for the project of Synthesis and mechanistic study of oligostilbenoid-indole hybrids for potential antidiabetic lead compounds (2012-2015)

PhD Students (Present)

  1. Co-supervision: Tan Jey Sern

Honours Students (Completed)

  1. Thina Hareesh Kailaivasan 

Journal reviewer and Editorial member of Innovare Journal of Sciences of Innovare academic sciences.